We're listed as one of the top 10 places to buy local food by Torontoism and voted runner up best organic food store on blogTO



"Raise the Root has great prices, fresh produce, particularly delicious apples, and good vibes. We love the wide variety of nutritious options on offer - turmeric elixir anyone? Plus, jamming to the music while hatching plans for supper is super fun. All the folks behind the counter are helpful and lovely." ~ Janice C.

"Everything is reliable and tasty! The owner is amazing and honest which I truly appreciate!"  ~ Sophia D.


"This is a small store that holds a surprisingly large variety of food and home products. Great selection of in-season produce, locally made goods and a lot of vegan novelties, which I love! They're often the first or one of the first to get new things too, which is a great reason to get out and discover. The East end isn't known for having as many good organic or plant-based resources as the West, but please check this place out instead of trekking across the city." ~ Bree Lynn

"We made our first of many visit's last night. AMAZING!! The staff were very warm & engaging, taking time to share a few laughs with us. The produce was incredible! So happy to have such a quality store within walking distance." ~ Kimberley Dunlevy Gamelin

"I'm so excited that you have opened. I went by the other day and filled a bag with goodies. Fresh produce, reasonable prices, clean, organized and super friendly staff. What more can a veggie, organic, hippie chick ask for?" ~ Anita Barnes


"This is a great little organic food store. Yet, despite its size, it has generally had everything that I was looking for (including on Easter Sunday, when most other stores were closed). The vegetables are beautiful, as well. The staff has been uniformly friendly. Despite the fact that it is a farther walk from my home than other pretty good stores, I intend to shop here much more often."
Peter Weiss

"They always have great produce selection and prices. Staff are friendly and very knowledgeable. For a small store they have a ton of selection. Great assortment of local niche products too." ~ Andrew Hardy